BSIO Event: Detecting Cancer – 2nd February 2015, London

Speakers: Xandria Williams PhD and Dr Marie Polley

Cancer is not a tumour. Cancer is a process, a process of cellular change that leads in time, often a long time, to the formation of a tumour. The sooner you detect the beginning of this process the sooner you can take steps to reverse out of it and to restore homoeostasis, or total health and well being. Tumour markers can detect tumours, though with varying degrees of accuracy, specificity or success. The earliest changes, occurring long before there is a tumour, can be detected by the CA1 panel that Dr Xandria Williams will describe. This can be followed by the CA2 panel that Dr Williams will describe that will enable the practitioner to focus the recovery plan on the specific characteristics of an individual’s cancer, wherever it happens to be.

Dr Polley will review the latest biomarker based cancer detection strategies – can these assist in risk stratification for those at high risk of cancer?

This promises to be a lively and highly informative event, so please book early:

  • 6pm – 6:30pm: networking and refreshments
  • 6:30pm prompt: Presentations and discussion
  • 8:30pm: Close

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