BSIO Event Review: Medicinal Mushrooms as Adjuvant Cancer Therapy – 29th September 2014

Last Monday evening saw the BSIO host its first education and networking event.

The evening involved 42 BSIO members and colleagues, and began with the BSIO committee introducing themselves before heading into our main feature for the evening.

This was a talk on medicinal mushrooms – their molecular and physiological effects on the body – by renowned expert, Martin Powell.

Martin spoke for just over an hour, introducing us all to the most researched of medicinal mushrooms, explaining the known evidence for their effects on the body, which in many cases was to promote rebalancing of components of the immune system. Martin also discussed how these known molecular effects on the immune system, meant that in many cases evidence is showing how people with cancer and autoimmune diseases can benefit from mushroom therapy. Martin also increased our knowledge around the different nomenclature of mushrooms and discussed how the different types of evidence, such as in vitro vs randomised controlled trial in humans, should be interpreted appropriately.

The evening was rounded off with by Marie Polley (Chair of BSIO) who explained some of the directions that BSIO would like to move in, some of our ongoing projects as well as a request for help from the members to support the running of BSIO as we continue to expand.

Martin has kindly provided a copy of his presentation that you can download here.  If you would like to know more about medicinal mushrooms, then you can buy Martin’s recent book here or contact him directly.

Thank you to everyone who came along, we look forward to seeing you and other members at our next education event, which will be announced soon.