Conquering Cancer – A Natural Way

Learn about a sound, scientific and rational understanding of cancer that can lead to a safe, non-toxic cancer prevention or integrative recovery plan

from Dr Xandria Williams

In conjunction with BSIO, Dr Xandria Williams will be giving a one-day seminar in central London.   Location details yet to be announced.

on Saturday 18th July 2015 – mark the date in your diary.

Who should attend?

– Anyone interested in effective and non-toxic approaches to cancer prevention and recovery.

–  People who wish to avoid developing cancer

– People wanting to help other people with cancer

– People with cancer who want to explore different options for integrative recovery

– People who are in remission from cancer and want to remain cancer-free

– Students interested in learning more about cancer

– Practitioners who wish to increase their knowledge of cancer prevention and recovery.

You will learn:

– How cancer develops – we have known this for 90 years – and how this leads to………

– A simple test to detect the start of  the cancer process –  years before a tumour develops – and

– How to reverse the Cancer Process, even before there is a detectable tumour

The day will be focused on nutritional and naturopathic students and qualified practitioners. Non-practitioners are welcome provided that they feel comfortable with the technical content.

It is planned to follow this seminar in the autumn with seminars that progress further along the road to cancer prevention and recovery, for which this will be a necessary first seminar.

How to book:

Please either contact Xandria directly by emailing

Or book online here

See also or phone 020-7824-8153

Please book early – from past experience it is likely to be fully or possibly over-booked.