Welcome to the BSIO website

The BSIO is the leading professional organisation for integrative oncology in the UK. Our goal is to promote the integration of conventional, nutritional, lifestyle and complementary medicine to improve the lives of people affected by cancer.

For professionals, the BSIO facilitates communication, provides resources
for education, and disseminates research and evidence to promote effective holistic care. BSIO committee members do not necessarily supportĀ all the policies or practices of the members of BSIO, who represent a diverse range of philosophical perspectives and professional backgrounds. They are, however, committed to encouraging balanced debate and discussion and to helping patients make more evidence-informed decisions, which take account of their preferences and enable them to benefit from nutrition, lifestyle approaches and some complementary therapies, where appropriate, alongside their conventional care.

For people affected by cancer, BSIO provides links to news, events and resources for support and information.

On this site you will find more information about us, and how to support our work by donation (via the Donate button in the left bar). Or you can simply sign up as a friend (via the Newsletter box in the left hand column) to be kept informed about events by email.